Shiatsu: An Introduction to the Meridians

Shiatsu: An Introduction to the Meridians

Cost: $250 ($230 for preregistration) 14 CEU’s Date: To Be Announced

Shiatsu is a method of treating imbalances with finger pressure. Thumbs, hands and arms are used to apply pressure along the channels in order to correct irregularities in the body, maintain or improve health, and contribute to the healing of certain illnesses.

In this class we will:

– Investigate each of the 14 meridian channels
– Learn their directions
– Look at the basic meridian couplings
– Discover how to access the meridians therapeutically

For more information and to register, please email us at:, or call
(541) 708-1044

Instructor: Steven R. Glaser LMT #17988
Assisted by: Jaye Marolla LMT #19198