Accessing the Floor: With Thai and Shiatsu Bodywork

ThaiMassage_Spring2015_083Cost: $250 ($230 for preregistration) 14 CEU’s Date: To Be Announced

Experienced massage therapists and those new to bodywork will all benefit from the freedom of treating friends, family and clients anywhere and anytime. Accessing the floor for treatments creates a level of dynamism where practitioners come away from treatments feeling enlivened and energized. Learning the tools of  ‘giving’ and ‘spilling’ weight allows bodyworkers an ease and fluidity of movement which translates to magnificent sessions for their patients. This broad introduction to the traditional teachings of Thai Bodywork and Shiatsu is a gateway towards the ancient medicinal arts of Thailand and Japan.

Utilizing their extensive combined experience of Holistic Thai Massage and Shiatsu, instructors Jaye Marolla and Steven Glaser focus on the following:

  • Proper body mechanics for floor treatments
  • Efficiency and ease of movement through postural awareness
  • Bodywork as ‘your yoga’, offering mutual benefit for practitioner and recipient
  • Introduction to Asian anatomical theory
  • Translating the floorwork paradigm back to the table
  • Working with common injuries and health conditions

For more information and to register, please email us at:, or call
Steven (541) 708-1044 – Jaye (541) 708-1690

Shiatsu Instructor:  Steven R. Glaser LMT #17988
Thai Bodywork Instructor:  Jaye Marolla LMT #19198