Hannah Pysto

My path to bodywork was largely inspired by my own healing journey.  I have had many injuries over the years, and experienced chronic back pain that emerged as a teenager.  The world of conventional medicine failed time and again to bring relief and resolution to these problems.  When I discovered bodywork and began managing my own physical therapy, I started to become better. This ignited an interest in learning bodywork, which became a passion as I dove deeper into the study.  I have used my recovery as my own personal training ground, and transformed the suffering I experienced into the fuel to hone my craft.

I completed many courses of Asian bodywork before I went to massage school, including an apprenticeship in Thai Bodywork and an apprenticeship in Shiatsu.  In order to broaden my foundation for this work, I became a master Reiki practitioner.  Rounding out my studies with Western modalities, including Myofascial Release and Swedish massage, I attended Ashland Institute of Massage.  Applying this education in the outer world, I have been working as a therapist at Southern Oregon Sports & Spine for several years, which has exposed me to a wide spectrum of injuries and chronic pains and pathologies.

All of these experiences and studies have been key ingredients to creating my unique style of work.  The principles of Thai Bodywork inform my Shiatsu as applied to the sinew lines. This work is both deep and subtle, encouraging the body to find healthier organization, rather than forcing the body to conform to a preconceived notion.  This work has been particularly helpful for individuals with head and neck trauma, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, dysfunction of the pelvis and coccyx, chronic back pain and a wide variety of injuries and pathologies.