Shiatsu is a method of treating imbalances with finger pressure. Thumbs, hands and arms are used to apply pressure to certain points along the meridian channels in order to correct irregularities of the body, maintain or improve health, and contribute to the healing of illnesses.
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Shiatsu is a deeply therapeutic modality that benefit the whole body, improving relaxation, reducing stress, and addressing injury, overuse or structural issues. Within the system there is an understanding that the body is a complete system, and an imbalance in one or more areas will manifest as an area of weakness in another area of the body. By treating the imbalances rather than the symptom, the body can find its natural state of health and well being.   In this way, both client and practitioner enter into a process, a shared experience where patterns and tensions are exposed and ones essential nature can fully manifest.

Shiatsu is performed on a soft mat on the floor. If you want work over clothing, please come wearing loose fitting comfortable attire. Sessions are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and treatment plans are formulated to address more chronic or longer standing imbalances.

Table massage is also available upon request should recipients be more suited or comfortable with table work. All our practitioners have extensive experience with various modalities which can be offered on floor mats or massage tables.  (Hannah is currently doing all bodywork on tables.)

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